Sleep Music for Dogs

pexels-photo-57627.jpgHave you ever heard the music can cure anxiety problems for dogs? Maybe, someone told you that playing your favourite tune will easily calm your dog? Let’s set a few facts straight.

Playing your favourite rock, hip hop or rap song won’t work wonders for your dog. They  hear at a higher frequency which means they process audio differently and the same instruments that work for you won’t work for them. Classical music works best for soothing animals, treating their anxiety and calming them down before bedtime.

You don’t have to search to hard for the perfect music for your pup, some of the classical tunes on your playlist should work fine.  There are also many albums produced especially for animals, including the perfect instruments for their fragile ears.  Click on the icons to see a few examples from Pet Music Academy.


If your dog has problems with stress an anxiety try to leave the music turned on before leaving the house, that way he’ll be comforted while being home alone. It has been proven that music soothes them and encourages them to relax instead of causing destruction, barking and pounding on the door. Leave the music player in a place where their curious paws won’t be able to get and see if it works.

Even if your dog begins to howl, let him have some fun. Some people tend to think it’s singing, other say that they’re just enjoying themselves. Long violin notes may encourage howling, don’t worry about it unless it’s bed time!

Let me know if the music helps your pups!


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