Fight insomnia


Many more people are suffering with insomnia and sleeping problems these days. They can be caused by stress, a hectic life, an odd sleeping schedule often caused by work as well as many other things. There are many ways that people deal with insomnia – from prescription medication to herbs, yoga and even acupuncture. Yet, the answer to insomnia may be as simple as listening to music.

Before trying to fall asleep listening to your favourite heavy metal band or rock song, you should know that not all music works for insomnia. Try to turn on soft, classical music before lying down in bed and relax. Clear your mind and don’t think about the stressful things that happened during the day, allow the music to calm your body.

In regards of choosing the perfect album to listen to, the most effective ones are those that mimic water such as the ocean, or compositions that sound like lullabies. The waltz and the blues also work as well. The most effective instruments in music therapy for the treatment of insomnia are the guitar, piano, violin, or the flute. Pieces that do not have dramatic changes in volume levels are ideal.

All of my albums are composed to effectively fight with insomnia, click on the links below and give them a chance before falling asleep!

Sweet dreams!


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