Calming & Soothing Songs for Insomnia

A lot of people can’t fall asleep, if the atmosphere around them isn’t peaceful, and they are nervous. Trouble Sleeping Music Universe created the album especially for those people – if you belong to this category, check 50 Calming & Soothing Songs for Insomnia!

This collection contains nature sounds (for example singing birds or ocean waves), which influence the mood. Combined together, they provide a restful sleep and a remedy for all your stress – it’s our natural (because from nature) healing method.

We also encourage you to listen to it while practicing yoga or during a meditation. Thanks to blissful properties of music, you will heal the mind & soul. The result of doing exercises with music is a higher level of positive thinking.

50 Calming & Soothing Songs for Insomnia album cover

Full album is available on:

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