Deeper Sleep Music

Deeper Sleep Wave & Rain cover

Insomnia – how to fight it in the most efficient way?

This album – Deeper Sleep Wave & Rain – introduces the idea of overcoming the problem of insomnia with nature sounds. For example, it includes tranquil sea sounds, which reduce stress & allow to experience a good night dream.

It also presents relaxation techniques that improve concentration and enhance the capacity of human memory.

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us, after listening!

Deeper Sleep Wave & Rain cover

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Calm Night filled with Long Dreams

Calm Night Long Dream cover

Trouble Sleeping Music Universe proudly presents the next album from the collection. This time we want you to experience deep sleep every night, without worrying about everyday problems.

This album: Calm Night: Long Dream – Nature Sounds for Total Rest, Lucid Dream, Inner Silence, Ambient Serenity is a source of blissful treatment in order to establish a tranquil state of the mind.

We are sure that this album will provide a good night’s rest for everybody because it helps to create a spiritual connection. That link is responsible for experiencing sweet, pleasant dreams and relaxing the whole body, as well as the mind.

Calm Night Long Dream cover

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Deep Sleep: Fight Insomnia with Healing Sounds of Nature

Deep Sleep: Fight Insomnia cover

Trouble Sleeping Music Universe and Relaxing Zen Music Ensemble present a different approach to fighting insomnia: introducing Deep Sleep – Healing Sounds of Nature!

This album helps to reduce stress, by calming the mind, and to create the best ambient atmosphere in order to fall asleep.

Of course, the sleep therapy through sounds is not only limited to dealing with insomnia – it also improves REM cycle, can lead to lucid dreaming and restores balance in between the soul, mind, and body.

We encourage listening because every opinion is appreciated!

Deep Sleep: Fight Insomnia cover

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Serenity Zen Lullabies: REM Phases and Dreaming – Music for Deep Meditation Before Sleep, Healing Songs & Calm Sounds for Relaxation

Trouble Sleeping Music Universe presents! The new collection of relaxing music for sleep and deep relaxation!

Can you sleep at night? Or you are so stressed out that your head is full of mixed thoughts about what you should, what you have to and what you’re gonna do?

Help yourself. Use some aromatherapy, self-massage or play relaxing music to fall asleep easy. We have another music proposition – our new album for meditation, relaxation and deep sleep.

Check it out and express your opinion!

serenity Zen lullabies

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Fight insomnia


Many more people are suffering with insomnia and sleeping problems these days. They can be caused by stress, a hectic life, an odd sleeping schedule often caused by work as well as many other things. There are many ways that people deal with insomnia – from prescription medication to herbs, yoga and even acupuncture. Yet, the answer to insomnia may be as simple as listening to music.

Before trying to fall asleep listening to your favourite heavy metal band or rock song, you should know that not all music works for insomnia. Try to turn on soft, classical music before lying down in bed and relax. Clear your mind and don’t think about the stressful things that happened during the day, allow the music to calm your body.

In regards of choosing the perfect album to listen to, the most effective ones are those that mimic water such as the ocean, or compositions that sound like lullabies. The waltz and the blues also work as well. The most effective instruments in music therapy for the treatment of insomnia are the guitar, piano, violin, or the flute. Pieces that do not have dramatic changes in volume levels are ideal.

All of my albums are composed to effectively fight with insomnia, click on the links below and give them a chance before falling asleep!

Sweet dreams!

Serenity Music: Pure Nature Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation

Serenity Music: Pure Nature Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation, Spa Massage, Soft Instrumental Music for Inner Peace, Cure for Insomnia, Deep Sleep REM Inducing


Serenity Music is another album which has music to cure insomnia, nature sounds as well as meditation music. I’m sure this album will allow you to fall asleep easily.
The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay, Empik and other popular music stores. Just click on the icons below to check it out.

Sleep Music for Dogs

pexels-photo-57627.jpgHave you ever heard the music can cure anxiety problems for dogs? Maybe, someone told you that playing your favourite tune will easily calm your dog? Let’s set a few facts straight.

Playing your favourite rock, hip hop or rap song won’t work wonders for your dog. They  hear at a higher frequency which means they process audio differently and the same instruments that work for you won’t work for them. Classical music works best for soothing animals, treating their anxiety and calming them down before bedtime.

You don’t have to search to hard for the perfect music for your pup, some of the classical tunes on your playlist should work fine.  There are also many albums produced especially for animals, including the perfect instruments for their fragile ears.  Click on the icons to see a few examples from Pet Music Academy.


If your dog has problems with stress an anxiety try to leave the music turned on before leaving the house, that way he’ll be comforted while being home alone. It has been proven that music soothes them and encourages them to relax instead of causing destruction, barking and pounding on the door. Leave the music player in a place where their curious paws won’t be able to get and see if it works.

Even if your dog begins to howl, let him have some fun. Some people tend to think it’s singing, other say that they’re just enjoying themselves. Long violin notes may encourage howling, don’t worry about it unless it’s bed time!

Let me know if the music helps your pups!